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Property Management

Increasing the value of your residence is in the core of what I offer.

Through condition management of the premises to achieving higher rental returns, I’ll be able to guide you through the process so that the value of your investment grows.

The residential property sector in Brisbane is changing and as a property manager, I have to provide excellence in service for you and your tenant/s.

I understand that you need someone that will be on the same level as you and to recognise your needs. My Property Management team will ensure that your residence is maintained at the highest standard and that your interests are at the forefront of everything we do.

It is important that the management of your investment property is carefully & professionally handled to not only maximise the financial return on your asset but to also ensure a seamless stress-free experience. As importantly, you will enjoy the security of knowing that your requests will always be met, and that your property management team are fully equipped with the skills and systems required to manage your investment effectively and efficiently.

Tenant Management

Ensuring that your tenants are constantly communicated with & managed is what I do best. A happy tenant is a long-term tenant, this longevity is not only important to you but will also allow me to more efficiently manage your property. Tenant satisfaction is the biggest contributor in determining how well your investment performs in the long term.

Tenancy Arrears also becomes a thing of the past. My team and I set up a direct debit with the tenants and allows them to pay via 3 different ways all using the direct debit method. This is powered by our partners at SimpleRent which will also allow tenants to gain points and rewards!

Managing Operational Risks in Your Asset

Operational risk is often a field that is overlooked and this can be detrimental. This area includes:

  • Smoke alarm compliance
  • Blind cord compliance
  • Water efficiency compliance
  • Landlord insurance protection
  • Building insurance protection

Where mismanagement of these areas could mean thousands of dollars in compliance reparations. I am proud to say that I am maintaining a 100% compliance rate for all smoke alarms, blind cords and water charging applicable properties.

Maintaining & Increasing Value in Your Asset

Rental yield & capital growth are two ways that the value of your asset will grow. Through the most detailed entry condition reports, regular routine inspections & thorough exit condition reports, I will make sure that the value in your asset is maintained. If there is also value to be made by a particular renovation or addition, I can provide you with this recommendation and renovation plan.

Maintenance & Improvements

Property maintenance and owning a property go hand in hand. Your asset needs to be well taken care of, which is why I have a strict view on how maintenance is processed and approved. I work with the best contractors in the area to get you a cost effective and quick response to any maintenance issue. However if you have your own contractors, I can also work with them to ensure that they continue servicing the property. As well as property maintenance, I take a holistic view in creating extra value via property renovations and improvements. My recommendations have proven to generate higher yields, reduce vacancy and create an opportunity for you to depreciate the capital of the works.

Invoice & Payments

I can have all your outgoing invoices and payments in one place. This makes for a stress free, easy end of financial year and also allow you to gain some very good insights on what you’re spending on maintenance, body corporate, Brisbane City Council rates, Urban Utility rates, etc.

You will always know what will be coming out of your account, there will not be a time where you are questioning an invoice or payment. That is a personal guarantee I can make to you.

When constructing a robust lease, ensuring legal compliance with all related legislation is key. As if any clauses in the lease contradict legislation can lead to a voided lease. This is why we strictly follow and use the REIQ Best Practice and Standard Procedure module. Alongside this, we are also a member of the Leading Property Manager’s Association (LPMA) and consistently attend LPMA events to stay up to date with any regulatory & legal amendments.

SIGN on between 30th June 2020 & 1st October 2020 and have a chance to WIN 1 YEAR FREE MANAGEMENT with our highly dedicated team.
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