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Property Listing

Every property is unique, whether it’s a luxury home by the riverside or an apartment within a high rise.

That’s why each property needs a very unique and specific marketing campaign that targets the correct demographic. It’s the fundamental four Ps to marketing applied with real estate conditions:

  1. Price
  2. Promotion
  3. Property
  4. Place

(See my article on the four Ps to find out why this is so important).

I do things differently to other agents in my industry and have built my leasing & marketing consultancy on the following pillars that supports the four Ps


Fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s an old phrase but a very relevant one. Planning takes up 80% of the efforts towards the end result. Setting out a blueprint for your marketing campaign is crucial. That is why contained within my Marketing Action Plan, you will find key KPIs and metrics that I will use to measure your property’s performance whilst on market. My Marketing Action Plan will focus on reducing vacancy and securing the right tenant for your property. At each step of the way we will be able to consult the Marketing Action Plan to ensure that progress is recorded and we can adapt accordingly.


Swiping right on dating platforms can be more miss than miss! (That one was for my younger readers). But real estate matchmaking is one of the most powerful methods in renting a property. I utilise a database of over 79,000 prospective tenants where 2500 new enquiries are received per month. The support team behind me filters these enquiries and funnels them according to their needs. Whenever I get indication that a property is about to come on market, these tenants are first to know. They’re pre-qualified tenants that most likely to move, the match making process begins and I love playing Cupid.

Along with the above, I also target Corporate Tenancy by servicing a list of the top 10 relocation agents. Whenever a luxury or executive property is about to come to market, my list of agents immediately know exactly where the property is and the entire configuration.

It also works the other way, if these relocation agents have a very specific criteria to fill they advise me of exactly the “unicorn” property they’re looking for and I search.

Utilising this pillar has allowed stories like Aneesh’s to surface where I not only leased his properties off market once but twice! It’s the power of conversation and listening to what clients really want.

Property leasing is extremely important, as it’s like building the right foundations for a house. This service will dictate how well your investment performs. Using these pillars and the four Ps I provide a very sales orientated approach to property leasing.


Making your property standout from the crowd is one of my most skilled abilities. When prospective tenants look at property, they don’t just look at one, some look at upwards of +20 properties. Which is why I need to make your property memorable. The approach I take is utilising innovative marketing media and value-effective marketing channels:

  • Rental property staging with temporary utility connection.
  • Professional photography, videography and 360 Matterport virtual tours.
  • Premier Listing, Property Showcases, eBrochures, Domain Platinum Listing + 7 other websites.
  • Social media targeted advertisements.
  • Targeted advertisement copy.

I was the first in Brisbane to make 360 Matterport virtual tours a minimum standard to all listings. When other competitors were charging upwards of $500 for a tour, I could get them completed for $150 (The same amount as professional photos!).

This allowed my clients to appeal to wide array of foreign and interstate tenants. Brisbane is a high migration zone, which does mean that virtual display of homes is very important in order for a quick leasing campaign.

This pillar allows for maximum exposure to the market whilst boasting the finest online display to allow your home to rent quicker and also for higher yields.

Guaranteed lease within TWO Saturday Open Homes or get your marketing FREE
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