The Dream Rental Home


Imagine purchasing a newly built home that has been your dream to live.

However the nightmare started when Aneesh and his family had to move away due to work commitments. Their dream home had to be rented out to other occupants whilst they pursued their careers.

I was introduced to Aneesh and his family 2 months before they were ready to go to market and saw what a gorgeous property they had. I knew this one had to go to an exclusive tenant.

Aneesh raised concerns about the quality of tenants and maintaining the conditioning of the property, all of which I agreed with and understood that this was not just another investment property… It was their home.

With this in mind I set off to do the impossible… I knew that if I went to market now that every tenant would apply for this beautiful property but that wouldn’t work for Aneesh and his family.

I went through my database and realised I had an enquiry from a family that had just moved from the UK looking for their “dream rental home” (An idea that they thought would be impossible).

I rang them immediately and said “I think I’ve just found the one for you… can meet me in two days at 6PM at the property?”. The tenants agreed and I quickly informed the owner that I had the ideal family.

I showed them the property and as soon as they stepped through the doors, they knew that this was the one.

From that moment on, we got their application, processed it and had the lease signed within 24 hours.

Aneesh asked me was it always this easy to get a tenant, I said yes… if you know what they’re looking for, listen to their needs, read between their lines and gave them an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

The property leased for $1,200 per week to a corporate tenancy.

Six months later, Aneesh contacted me again about his other property in Chermside. I did the exact same thing. The property was rented off market to a tenant on my database.

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