Never Miss an Opportunity


When Amanda approached me she came with a problem that she couldn’t overcome with her current agents.

Her property was on the market to sell for 3 months and she just couldn’t get any results and was constantly following up with her agent. Her property was fully vacant and just bleeding out missed funds throughout the campaign.

Imagine having an investment property that was vacant for 1/4 of the year (over $6500 of missed income!).

Her first questions to me was a long the lines of “What do you think I should do?”.

I answered her truthfully and advised I was not a financial planner or an accountant. The only thing I can say is to look at your position and the results being generated so far by the sales campaign. It all came down to whether she was willing to take a big reduction in her sale price to get something across the line.

Otherwise, the next best thing would to generate income by leasing the property out and holding the property. Amanda opted for the latter. She contacted me a few days later and said “Jeremy, I trust you, lets do it and get it on the rental market”.

I jumped and said “Amanda, let’s do it. We are a few weeks off Christmas and have to move fast”.

Her property was uploaded immediately and an open time was set.

We advertised the property and within days to Christmas we secured a new tenancy for Amanda and had income coming in for her. This then helped her to hold on to the property and improved her situation by allowing her to gain income.

The property was rented for $500 per week on a 12 month lease to great tenants.

The best thing was that Amanda was over the moon with her result.

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