Case Studies

Bulimba QLD

Harrison Street, Bulimba QLD

Leased for $1900 per week

This has to be one of my most memorable deals that I’ve ever facilitated within my career. The property was coming out of a very lengthy sales campaign that ran through 2 sales agents with no real results for the owner.


Teneriffe QLD

Arthur Street, Teneriffe QLD

Leased for $850 per week

I often get calls from investors in the area asking for my advice, it usually starts with a “How’s the rental market at the moment?”. At that stage I know that they’re asking me because one of two situations.


Fortitude Valley QLD

Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD

Leased for $600 per week

This property proved to be one of the best renovations that yielded the best result in the Emporium precinct. Built in 2003 the apartment remained untouched and in it’s original condition, the owners were in quite a bit of a..


Morningside QLD

Elwell Street, Morningside QLD

Leased for $500 per week

When Amanda approached me she came with a problem that she couldn’t overcome with her current agents. Her property was on the market to sell for 3 months and she just couldn’t get any results and was..


Holland Park QLD

Harold Street, Holland Park QLD

Leased for $1200 per week

I was introduced to Aneesh and his family 2 months before they were ready to go to market and saw what a gorgeous property they had. I knew this one had to go to an exclusive tenant.